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Shabdha hearing Aid Center LLP is a trusted name in hearing aids for Adults and Children. World's best hearing aid brands , expert hearing care & competitive hearing aid prices are the key advantages with shabdha. All hearing aids fitted in Shabdha come with national and international warranty.

Our audiologists are hearing care experts who provide a wide variety of hearing services for our patients. These include hearing assessments, prescribing rehabilitation treatments, providing and servicing hearing devices, and patient education and counseling on hearing-related topics. Our qualified audiologists also assist the hearing impaired with a diligent, unbiased and friendly advice. After a through consultation, we recommend the hearing aids most suited for the individual hearing needs and lifestyle.


Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are programmed and adjusted to the satisfaction of patients, with the help of the most modern computerized equipment. The use and maintenance of hearing aids is also explained. After the fitting, a follow- up is performed for the re adjustment and fine tuning of hearing aids to ensure, clear and uninterrupted hearing pleasure.​

We have wide range of programmable, invisible, comfortable, technological hearing aids from the leading manufacturers around the world. That suits all type of losses and budgets. Our office is equipped with the latest technology in audiology equipment, hearing aids, and assistive listening devices. We fit and dispense a wide variety of sophisticated hearing aids and devices appropriate for all life styles and types of hearing loss.

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